Since its foundation in 2000 year, the school and high school Saint Nicholas of Flüe, located in San Joaquín and San Lorenzo de Flores respectively, has incentivized the participation of the community in cultural activities.

Recently, since 2013, with the creation of the Saint Nicholas Community Band, participation of the neighbors of the Flores zone in Heredia, has made of this activity more than a hobby but a family share time. The Band is aimed not just to the student population but to external people in and out of the Flores town.

Precisely, several families integrated by parents and their children are a particular component of the band, since Saint Nicholas of Flüe School has tried to incentive projects of this type, with the purpose of teaching music to people who come to the band even with no knowledge of how to read music sheets, nor play any instrument. Besides this, our educate institution facilitates at no cost, the wind or percussion instrument that the member would like to learn how to play as well as 4 weekly hours of free lessons in order to learn how to play the chosen instrument.

The Community Band is composed by people of all ages, from kids to elderly people.

If you would like to be part of our Community Band, you can write an e-mail to: