Saint Nicholas of Flüe School,offers several clubs within the curricular offer, some have an extraordinary cost and other are for free. Opening of the clubs depend on the demand from the students, meaning that if there is not enough number of students to take a certain club, then it does not open. Bellow there are the main clubs that are being developed this scholar year:


It is offer for students from the first to eleventh levels, our objective is for the students to see in the physical exercise an option of training in a healthy life.


The drawing club has as main objective to develop their creativity, to make and reinforce their artistic vision under specific technics.


The photography club is taught to students from the first to the eleventh levels, with the aim of developing the artistic part in them and creating a critical reading of society...


The soccer club is taught to students from all levels, with the purpose of promoting sports and developing skills on the ball managing. Also the institution counts with female and male teams in different categories.


The swimming club is available for children from Pre-Nursery to Fifth Grade. It is developed at an external swimming pool located in San Lorenzo, its purpose is to incentive the sports and a healthy life.


The club is taught from Pre-kinder to High School, with special kits according to age. Its purpose is to promote creativity, imagination, fine motor and robot programming, it is also integrated with the curricular content making a more meaningful learning,.....


We offer another alternative to students to do physical exercise through the Zumba Club, with the purpose of incentivizing the exercise discipline in their lives.