During these levels children are immersed in the English language, they will learn through experience based on the natural environment...
Children that are part of the levels of Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Preparatory, are facing a new adventure developing skills of the XXI century...
In Primary, the constructivist methodology is developed as the main axis of our learning process in combination with the behavioral methodology to develop...
We offer a trilingual education (Spnaish-English-French), which gives our students greater breadth in the use of languages, with a teaching-learning ...




The drawing club has as main objective to develop


We offer another alternative to students to do physical


The photography club is taught to students from the


The soccer club is taught to students from all


The swimming club is available for children from Pre-Nursery


The club is taught from Pre-kinder to High School,


We offer another alternative to students to do physical


Who are we?

We are an institution with more than 16 years of experience in education, that has managed to improve, consolidate and achieve success.

Our educative offer is updated year after year in accordance to the current requirements on education matters, languages, technology and trainings for the teaching staff.

We offer a trilingual education; the institution has the recognition of the Ministry of Public Education and the international accreditation of UNESCO.

Our mission is to offer a quality educational alternative, based on an optimal academic-trilingual teaching program that allows students to develop their intellectual, social and artistic abilities in a healthy and pleasant environment.

Saint Nicholas of Flüe School aspires to be the best educational option in the country. Our goal is to form conscious and committed students who contribute positively to the future of society and make the world a better place to live.

Our philosophy is based on the nature of the student, attending to individual differences and providing opportunities for growth, habit formation, knowledge acquisition and excellent moral and spiritual formation.

We consider our students as an indivisible unit in the different aspects of their personality: physical, social, psychologic and spiritual. Our interest is to develop the positive areas without typecasting the students and fomenting values in their lives.

The foundations of the institution are based on respect, honesty, solidarity and humility, which are derived from the principles of non-violence, dedication, trust and perseverance that Saint Nicholas of Flüe professed in life.

The guide teacher teaches together with the orientation department a specific program of values in the guide hour, where students participate interactively within the classroom and in the community where the institution is located. Mutual respect is emphasized, to be grateful to God, to others and to their family. We work towards no to violence, no to bulling, no to alcohol and no to drugs with programs such as DARE, motivators and other entities that can be contacted at the time it is required.

  • First place in the Cultural-Artistic Festival (Genre Poetry and essay) UNESCO 2000
  • Participation in projects of UNESCO such as: TINI, Country Friend, Celebration fo the UN.
  • First place Correos de Costa Rica 2003 contest (Philatelic Bulletin – Wetlands Day)
  • First place in Regional Oratory 2004
  • First places in Communal Student Games 2004
  • Program of Gala Concerts with the Institutional Choir from 2004 to 2012
  • Classification to the National Scientific Fair 2005
  • First place in the National Baccalaureate Tests 2006 (MEP)
  • Third round in the Mathematics Olympiads 2006
  • Electronic Student Elections
  • First places in the Wisdom Contests UIA 2007
  • 100% promotion in Baccalaureate since 2007
  • Exchange Program with European students since 2007
  • Program of concerts with the wind band from 2008 to 2012
  • Participation of the ECO Program from 2008 to 2014
  • National Award program of the 100 best scores of 2009 by Fundación Programa Nacional de Cultura “Leer es Vivir” (Fundation National Program of Culture “To Read is to Live”)
  • Participation and national representation (Private Educative Institutions) on the I Ibero-American Youth Forum of World Heritage in Seville, Spain 2009
  • Participation on the Blue Flag Program since 2009, currently our Primary School is awarded with 5 stars and our High School with 4 stars.
  • Interactive boards in every classroom from Pre-School to High School since 2010
  • Participation in the MATEM-UNA Project since 2010
  • Languages laboratory since 2011
  • Cooperative learning process based on projects since 2011
  • Programming and educative robotics since 2011
  • Digital microscope since 2011 in High School
  • Digital educative books for Science in Primary School since 2012
  • Participation in the Mathematics Olympiads for the II Cycle since 2012 (MATLETAS)
  • Canguro Project / Mathematics Olympiads for the I Cycle since 2013
  • Inclusion of French as a third language since 2013
  • Awarded with Silver and Bronze Medals in the Canguro Project 2014, 2016, 2017
  • Acquisition of the Dyned Program from Edutech in 2015
  • Agreement with Alianza Francesa (French Alliance) since 2015
  • Program of Institutional Social Responsibility