We are an educational institution of the 21st century, SNFS opened its doors in 2000, in order to offer an excellent option to parents, who seek, in addition to trilingual academic quality, personalized attention for their children. The SNFS is an institution with a history that is renewed year after year in accordance with the demands of the world in terms of education, languages, technology and training of teaching and administrative staff. We pay special attention to the oral production of languages, that is why we have laboratories for this purpose.

We also have the recognition of the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), educational and / or commercial alliances such as the Costa Rican North American Cultural Center (CCCN), the international accreditation of UNESCO and the affiliation to the Association of private educational centers. Likewise, we are an institution committed to the environment and society, we work programs such as Ecological Blue Flag (BAE) and Social Responsibility.

Our mission is to offer a quality educational alternative based on an optimal academic-trilingual teaching program, which allows students to develop their intellectual, social and artistic skills within a healthy and pleasant environment.

The Colegio San Nicolás de Flüe aspires to be the best educational option in the country. Our goal is to form conscious and committed students who contribute positively to the future of society and make the world a better place to live.

Our philosophy is based on the nature of the student, attending to individual differences and providing opportunities for growth, formation of habits, acquisition of knowledge and an excellent moral and spiritual formation.

We consider our students as an indivisible unit in the different aspects of their personality: physical, social, psychological and spiritual. Our interest is to develop positive areas without pigeonholing students and promoting values ​​in their lives.

The foundations of the institution are based on respect, honesty, solidarity and humility, which are derived from the principles of non-violence, dedication, trust and perseverance that Saint Nicholas of Flüe professed during his lifetime.

The guide teacher teaches, together with the guidance department, a specific program of values ​​in the guide hour. Where students participate interactively within the classroom and in the community where the institution is located. Mutual respect, being thankful to God, to others, and to your family is emphasized. No to violence, or bullying, or alcohol or drugs, we work with programs such as DARE, motivators and other entities that can be contacted when required.

  • First place in the UNESCO Artistic-Cultural Festival (Genre, Poetry and Essay) 2000
  • Participation in UNESCO Projects: TINI, UN Celebration and Friendly Country
  • First place in the Correos de Costa Rica Contest: Philatelic Bulletin, Wetlands Day 2003
  • National Final MEP Speech Contest, 2004
  • Community Student Games Finalists
  • First National Place in MEP Baccalaureate Tests, 2006
  • MEP Finalists Mathematics Olympics, 2006
  • Electronic Student Elections
  • First places in the Jousting of Wisdom UIA, 2007
  • 100% promotions in Baccalaureate
  • Student exchange program
  • Participation in National Olympics of Robotics and Biological Sciences
  • Silver Medal, Biological Sciences Olympics 2019
  • Participation of Ecological Programs (ECO)
  • Ecological Blue Flag Program (BAE) (5 stars in primary and 4 in secondary)
  • Award of the National Cultural Foundation “Reading is living”, 2009
  • National Representation of the I Ibero-American World Heritage Forum, Seville, Spain, 2009
  • Gold, silver and bronze medals in Kangaroo Project
  • Honorable mention, My Fantastic Tale 2018 contest