SNFS has two venues, Pre-School and Elementary School for levels from Pre-Nursery to Fifth Grade and High School for levels from Sixth to Eleventh Grade...


SNFS has two venues:

    • Pre-School and Primary School, located in San Joaquín de Flores, Heredia for levels from Pre-Nursery up to 5th grade.
    • High School, located in San Lorenzo de Flores, Heredia, for levels from 6th grade up to 11th grade.

Each of the classrooms count with an interactive board which facilitates the attention in the learning process, furthermore, they have been equipped with cameras and microphones in order to offer hybrid classes (in site and virtual in real time). Besides, each venue has its own language lab, computing lab and Science lab, plus green zones and recreational areas, football fields and basketball and volleyball courts, an a gym at the high school venue.