Primary School

Ages and Minimum Requirements for Primary

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Primary School


Primary School


6 years old


7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


      1. Fulfill mínimum required age.
      2. Payment of enrollment process. Amount to be paid ₡ 8.000 colones.
      3. Complete online information and attach the following documents:
        • Birth certificate.
        • Vaccination record.
        • Score cards of the two last approved school years. For firts level please attach the Preparatory diploma.
        • Psychopedagogical diagnosis, if any.
        • Letter of no overdue payments from the previous institution (if private institution).
        • Letter of behavioral development from the previous institution.
      4. Appointment for interviews with:
        • Psychologist / Orientator of the institution.
        • Academic Director.
      5. Admission process to be completed by:
        • Payment of the enrollment fee, anual fee and students card.
        • Fill out the contract and enrollment sheet.
        • Request of the accumulative file from the previous institution.
        • Score card certificates duty stamped.

Other documents to be delivered at the beginning of the 2023 school year:

      1. Three passport size photos.
      2. Hearing and sigh exam.

   *Age fulfilled as of February 15th 2023.