High School

Ages and Minimum Requirements for High School.

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High School

Classes Schedule from 7:30 a.m. to 3:00 p.m.


      1. Payment of enrollment process. Amount to be paid ₡ 8.000 colones.
      2. Complete online information and attach the following documents:
        • Birth certificate.
        • For children over 12 years old attach the ID Card for minors.
        • Score cards of the two last approved school years.
        • Score cards of the current trimester or semester.
        • Psychopedagogical diagnosis, if any.
        • Letter of no overdue payments from the previous institution (if private institution).
        • Letter of behavioral development from the previous institution.
      3. Appointment for interviews with:
        • Psychologist / Orientator of the institution.
        • Academic Director.
      4. Admission process to be completed by:
        • Payment of the enrollment fee, anual fee and students card.
        • Fill out the contract and enrollment sheet.
        • Request of the accumulative file from the previous institution.
        • Score card certificates duty stamped.
        • Sixth level of Primary School diploma for students to be enrolled in 7th level.
        • Ninth level of High School diploma for students to be enrolled in 10th or 11th levels.
        • Certification letter stating that the child approved the kinder level (applies only to students to be enrolled in Preparatory level)

Other documents to be delivered at the beginning of the 2023 school year:

      1. Three passport size photos.