Who are we?

We are a XXI century educative institution, SNFS opened its doors in the 2000 year, aiming to offering an excellent choice to parents looking for a personalized attention for their children, besides an trilingual academic quality.  SNFS is an institution with trajectory that renews year after year according to the demands of the world regarding education, languages, technology and trainings to the teaching and administrative staff.  We provide special attention to conversational production of languages, for which we count with language laboratories to achieve this goal.

We also count with the recognition from the Ministry of Public Education (MEP), educative and/or commercial agreements with Centro Cultural Costarricense Norteamericano (CCCN), Alianza Francesa and UNESCO International Accreditation. Furthermore, we are an institution committed with the environment and society, we work programs with Ecological Blue Flag (BAE) and social responsibility.

Philosophy and Values

Our philosophy is based on the nature of the student, attending to individual differences and providing opportunities for growth, habit formation, knowledge acquisition and excellent moral and spiritual formation.

We consider our students as an indivisible unit in the different aspects of their personality: physical, social, psychologic and spiritual. Our interest is to develop the positive areas without typecasting the students and fomenting values in their lives.

The foundations of the institution are based on respect, honesty, solidarity and humility, which are derived from the principles of non-violence, dedication, trust and perseverance that Saint Nicholas of Flüe professed in life.

The guide teacher teaches together with the orientation department a specific program of values in the guide hour, where students participate interactively within the classroom and in the community where the institution is located. Mutual respect is emphasized, to be grateful to God, to others and to their family. We work towards no to violence, no to bulling, no to alcohol and no to drugs with programs such as DARE, motivators and other entities that can be contacted at the time it is required.


Our mission is to offer a quality educational alternative, based on an optimal academic-trilingual teaching program that allows students to develop their intellectual, social and artistic abilities in a healthy and pleasant environment.


Saint Nicholas of Flüe School aspires to be the best educational option in the country. Our goal is to form conscious and committed students who contribute positively to the future of society and make the world a better place to live.

SNFS Trajectory

Bellow we detail some of our achievements:

  • First place in the Cultural-Artistic Festival UNESCO (Category: Poetry and Essay) 2000
  • Participation in UNESCO projects: TINI, ONU Celebration and Country Friend
  • First place in the Costa Rican Mail Office Contest: Philatelic Bulletin, Wetlands Day, 2003
  • National Final Oratory Contest, MEP 2004
  • Community Student Games Finalists
  • First national place in graduation tests, MEP 2006
  • Mathematics Olympiad finalists, MEP 2006
  • Electronic Student Elections
  • First places in the Wisdom Games, UIA 2007
  • 100% promotion in graduation tests
  • Student Exchange Program
  • Participation in National Olympiads for Robotics and Biological Sciences
  • Silver Medal Biological Sciences Olympiad 2019
  • Participation in Ecological Programs (ECO)
  • Ecological Blue Flag Program (BAE) – 5 stars in Elementary School and 4 stars in High School
  • Award from National Foundation of Culture “Reading is living” 2009
  • National representation on the I Ibero-American World Heritage Forum, Sevilla, España 2009
  • Gold, Silver and Bronze medals in Kangaroo Project
  • Honor Mention, My Fantastic Story Tale Contest 2018


Monthly fee payments go from February until December for a total of 11 payments.

As an institutional policy, payment should be made during the first 8 natural days of every month, after this time a charge will be added:

  • From 01 to 08 (natural days) – monthly fee without charge
  • From 09 to 15 (natural days) – monthly fee with a 15% charge
  • From 16 and on – monthly fee with a 20% charge

Methods of payment

We have 4 different methods of payment for your facility, detailed bellow:

Payment by Sinpe Móvil

The institution offers as an alternative payment method, as long as the amount allows it, the SINPE MOVIL through phone number 7248-7875.

Payment by wire transfer

In such case you pay by wire transfer through Banco Nacional de Costa Rica, the IBAN account number is CR44015104410010000862 under the name of Escuela San Nicolás de Flue, company ID  3-101-248351. In the payment detail you should include the student’s name very clear.

Payment by connectivity

The monthly payment can be canceled by the connectivity service of the Banco Nacional de Costa Rica with the student’s ID number. The system will automatically indicate the amount to be canceled. You must also send proof of payment of your child (a) to the financial department to financiero@saintnicholas.ed.cr

Payment at our facilities

We accept payments in cash (colones), debit or credit cards except American Express, or checks in dollars and colones. Consider that the hours of service for cash payments are Monday through Friday from 7:00 am to 12:00 pm, in the afternoon hours the service will not be provided. However, if you cancel with a debit or credit card, you can do it in our normal schedule from 7:00 a.m. to 4:00 p.m.