Pre-Kinder - Kinder -Preparatory

Children that are part of the levels of Pre-Kinder, Kinder and Preparatory, are facing a new adventure developing skills of the XXI century.  We offer an integral education in English language and in a lower percentage in French and Spanish, without leaving out the importance of the values development at this early age.

Our children are actors in their learning process, participating in a proactive way in all the curricular and extracurricular activities offered by the institution, they also learn in a ludic way, develop their fine motor skills, they maximize their strong areas and strengthen their weak areas.

On the other hand, the children’s natural curiosity is involved, asking for example “Who makes you happy?” “What do our senses tell us?” as a fundamental part of the daily routine. The activities encourage children to explore while learning the English language.

Class projects consolidate learning and encourage children to work collaboratively. In this way we involve the constructivist, behaviorist and humanist methodology through positive discipline. Educate with affection and firmness, and human relations based on mutual respect.