In Primary, the constructivist methodology is developed as the main axis of our learning process in combination with the behavioral methodology to develop the follow-up of instructions, combining them with the theory of the development of the Multiple Intelligences always starting from a previous knowledge.

They live experiences that take them to a learning process to obtain as a result a permanent learning, which progressively increases according to the maturity and the stimulus received. We have bet and studied different forms of evaluation to promote meaningful learning by integrating within our study programs, projects, evaluated practices and not just the modality of written exams in order to work in our students different abilities and skills as dictated by the new educative tendencies, and always go to the forefront. Our Primary School offers the study in three languages, reinforcing the different important areas of the learning process of a second language such as oral, grammar and conversation with the help of a modern language laboratory to improve such important tool nowadays and to make sure that in this process the teacher becomes a guide and inspiring to increase knowledge and teaching experiences. In our Primary School department, we also aim to the logic-mathematics area with the “International Kangaroo Program” and the participation in the Mathematics Olympiads nationwide as a very important tool to develop mathematical reasoning skills very important for this subject to be an advantage instead of an obstacle in the future of our students.