In the primary stage, at Saint Nicholas of Flüe School we are convinced that play, exploration and discovery continue to be indispensable in the development of the teaching and learning process. That is why the methodology used in these educational cycles is creative, innovative and capable of leading the student through dynamics and activities to learning vital life skills, along with the STEAM (Science, Technology, Engineering, Art, Maths),  learning model which seeks to develop projects of daily basis problem solving, using of investigation tools, experimenting, creating and use of information technology.

We have highly experienced staff in all academic areas, with skills and ability to transmit knowledge to students through different dynamics, resources and digital tools, which results in pleasant, dynamic and interactive classes.

In the area of psychology, we provide personalized support to facilitate learning processes, strengthen self-esteem and / or needs that the student may present during their teaching and learning process.

We have also been concerned about providing the student with artistic, investigative and technological tools, for this reason the curriculum includes STEAM lessons, which are taught in spaces equipped with digital technology, didactic resources and furniture that favor learning and create an environment of interactivity.

In the technological area, our students learn and develop different programming languages at an intermediate level, as well as educational platforms.

Each of our classrooms are equipped with technology, digital resources, accessories and furniture that promote learning and create an environment of interactivity and comfort. Additionally, we have specialized laboratories at each venue to strengthen and improve the phonetics and oral communication of the languages teaching.