We offer a trilingual education (Spnaish-English-French), which gives our students greater breadth in the use of languages, with a teaching-learning model that combines the constructivist and behavioral methodology.

Students receive education in the basic subjects, languages and technology, furthermore, a logic-mathematics program is developed (pre-calculus and calculus) and investigation methods, facilitating the development of a critic thinking in the young. In the same way, preparation for the baccalaureate tests is offered through centers in the different subjects.

The Department of Psychology provides collaboration to students and parents in the academic and socio-affective area of the student, which is reinforced with talks and workshops on different topics that allow them to face the changes they experience as young people. Vocational guidance and accompaniment is provided to carry out the admission processes and the career choice within the universities.

Personalized attention is provided to the students considering the individual educative needs.

The institution offers workshops that contribute to the integral development of the student in the areas of robotics, art and sports, having football and basketball teams. In addition, regular education is complemented with extracurricular activities and outreach to the community.